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Tharad is historically referred to as Tirupur which is a very important town in the Tharad Taluka, which is located in the district of Banaskantha in Gujarat. It is known to be the center of administration for the TharadTaluka. Tharados situated near the Gujarat border, which is located around 40 km away from Pakistan's border. This town was ruled by VaghelaRajputs, and it was a princely state. The population of Tharad mostly follow Hinduism. The main industries of this town include agriculture and polishing diamond. This town is considered to be one of the major towns that are located near the national highway of Gujarat. Tharad is located in 24.93 degrees North and 71.62 degrees East. It has an average elevation of around 10 meters or 30 feet.

History of Tharad

It is believed that this town belonged to the famous ParmarRajputs. A number of ParmarRajputs who belonged to the Kalima and the Suvar clans were found in this place when Britishers started to rule India. According to the reports, the last person belonging to them had converted his religion to the Jainism. He then resigned his entire territory to the son of his only sister. Many believe that his niece murdered his maternal uncle in order to gain the chiefdom. The murder was committed by the Chauhans. The Chauhans were later attacked by Muslims, and they were driven out from their localities. Finally, the Muslims succeeded, and they started to rule Tharad. The Muslims were again attacked by a Sodhi. In the end, Tharad was ruled by Bimsinjhi until India gained her independence.

Transport in Tharad

Tharad is connected to the other parts of the city and the State with the help of transports connected by road, rail, and air.

Rail Transport

The nearest railway station to Tharad is the Diyodar Railway Station.

Air Transport

The nearest airport to the city of Tharad is the SardarVallabhbhai Patel International Airport.

Road Transport

There are around 300 buses that link the town with the different parts of the city as well as the two major States, Rajasthan and Gujarat. Direct connectivity is available to Tharod from all the major transport centers in Gujarat.

Economy of Tharad

The economy of the city of Tharad is extremely interesting. It is mostly dependant on trade and agriculture. The town’s economic center is represented by the Central Agriculture Market Yard. Here, the farmers are allowed to auction their products which help them to allow more money. There are a number of dairy cooperatives, and there is a cold storage located very closely. Tharad is also very famous for the jewelry market.

Tourism in Tharad

There are many exciting things that a person can do in the city of Tharad. There are many historical sites and cultural attractions that the people can visit. Tourists visiting Tharad should make sure that they visit all the places.

The Jai Jaikar Devi Temple

The Jai Jaikar Devi Temple is one of the most renowned temples of Tharad. People from all over the city and the State flock to this place to please the Goddess with offerings and seek her blessings in return. This place is perfect for the devotees and those who are lovers of nature. It is a must visit for the people who visit Gujarat.

The Ashapuri Temple

This temple is considered to be one of the holiest places in Tharad. It is said that if devotees can please the Gods, they will get whatever they want in their life. Many devotees visit this temple.
Tharad is a must visit for everyone coming to Gujarat.

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